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Our Francesca Grappa is a Special Italian Style Grappa that is made in the old world style from Trieste. Our process includes using the whole grape for fermentation providing a smoothness not found in any other Italian Grappa. It is very elegant and rich in flavor with a golden color that comes from the grappa being rested in French Oak.


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Our FJW Solera Style American Whiskey comes from an old Spain aging technique.  This process requires the use of a waterfall effect that blends different ages of liquor into a final product.  The smoothness and taste creates a profile of a top shelf bourbon and whiskey. This is a unique technique for aging whiskey.


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GIA Distillery’s Premium Vodka is handcrafted from 100% corn, and is distilled similarly to a fine single malt scotch and high-end Italian style grappa. Our premium distilling process leaves us with a finished product that is in a league of it’s own. Our vodka is charcoal filtered and distilled 6 times creating an unmatched smoothness.


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Our Double Distilled Turntable Brandy is elegant and smooth, and full of flavor. Our hope is that you enjoy this limited reserve Brandy as much as we do.

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GIA Distillery’s Platinum Label Single Malt Whiskey is made 100% from USA grown barley that gives it a unique and sophisticated flavor.  Our master distiller decided to age this prestigious product in distinguished 10 year res wine French oak barrels.  This combination of distilling and aging lead to a product of outstanding quality and distinctive character. 


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The use of fresh mint leaves offers a distinct flavor with a sharply refreshing and softly herbal taste. Our unique liqueur is an excellent after dinner drink or can add elegance and flavor to your favorite cocktail!


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Francesca Mint Liqueur
FJW Bourbon Whiskey

Our FJW Bourbon Whiskey is carefully crafted in small batches to create a product of quality with an unmatched flavor.
You will find that our FJW Bourbon Whiskey has a smooth, confident taste that invites discovery with every sip.


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